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About IRSBankLevy.com

At IRSBankLevy.com, our mission is to provide you with trusted tax solutions based upon your unique tax and financial situation. To do this we provide connections to premier tax resolution firms that specialize in resolving your unique tax problem and by providing trusted guides on resolving IRS tax problems.

Our partnered tax professionals have much experience in resolving tax levies and also specialize in various services such as, offer in compromise, payment plans, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, unfiled tax return help, audit representation and more. Our partnered tax firms have a variety of tax professionals that include tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and former IRS agents. The unique combination of professionals creates a unique synergy that ensure the clients get the best outcome for their tax situation and the best value for what they pay in services.

We understand that bank levies are a serious situation and we strive to provide the best services possible to resolve your tax situation. Sign up for a no obligation consultation form on the right or give us a call. If you need further clarification on exactly how we can help you with your tax problem we can walk you through it in more detail.

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Client Testimonials

Clara B .
Chula Vista, CA

I had just had my bank account frozen and couldn't access my funds to pay my rent, food, utilities or anything. Thanks to your help the account was quickly unfrozen and I was back into good standing with the IRS by getting set up with an affordable payment plan.

Paul D .
San Antonio, TX

I wanted to thank you for your service and I am happy to be a testimonial. The free analysis made me realize how valuable your tax reduction services could be and you should offer it to all customers! My bank account levy was stopped and my offer in compromise was accepted. I owed $32,500 to the IRS and only paid $2,500.

Ange M .
Albany, NY

The state was garnishing my bank account for unpaid taxes. I didn't know what to do because I couldn't afford the required payments the IRS wanted and then they started taking funds from my bank account that I couldn't afford to lose. Thanks to your services I was able to keep my money and pay back the IRS in a smaller monthly amount than they originally wanted me to pay.

Michael R .
Douglas, GA

Thanks for your quick turn around with my case. I knew I shouldn't have received a bank levy, I was currently going through bankruptcy and I couldn't afford to have the IRS take my money. I talked with your tax professional and realized that we could appeal the levy and win, and we did.