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IRS Bank Levy Help. We Stop Bank Account Garnishments & Settle Taxes

irs bank levy

Are you being faced with IRS bank levies? Are you unsure of the best action to take? We can help! Our team of IRS tax professionals are experts in resolving IRS & State tax levies and settling taxes owed. Our experts can analyze your financial and tax situation and quickly come up with a plan of action to immediately stop your levy and then procedure with the tax resolution process.

What We Do and Why Choose Us

  • Stop an IRS Tax Levy Quickly
  • Prevent IRS seizure of assets
  • Resolve Taxes Owed
  • Possibly Settle Debts for a Fraction of What is Owed
  • Reduce or Eliminate Tax Penalties
  • Handle the IRS & State on Your Behalf
  • Resolve any other Tax Issues You Have

To talk with a tax levy specialists right now call us or fill out the form on the right and be contacted very soon.

How Our Service Works

  • You will receive a free, no obligation consultation from a tax specialists. Find out how we can help you and what your likely outcome will be.
  • Stop the bank levy quickly in order to prevent the IRS from seizing your assets and allowing us time to negotiate another form of settlement.
  • We will analyze your situation to find the best course of action for your given situation.
  • Will see if you are a candidate for settling taxes with the offer in compromise program where you will only pay a fraction of what is owed.
  • We prepare all tax documents needed and handle the IRS on your behalf until your taxes are resolved.
  • Ensure you get back into good standing with the IRS and provide guidance on avoiding any future tax problems.

Why Use IRSBankLevy.com to Resolve Your Tax Problem?

Our team of tax professionals are experienced in dealing with bank account levies and know exactly what it takes to stop the tax levy and resolve your tax problems. When dealing with a bank account levy it is important to move quickly to prevent seizure of funds, your time is limited and you can be assured that we will act quickly on your behalf to stop IRS actions. Our tax services provide great value to taxpayers like yourself. Below are some advantages you receive when hiring a tax professional to help you with a tax levy.

  1. A tax levy professional can quickly analyze your tax and financial situation to come up with the best coarse of action that they anticipate will receive the best financial outcome for you. A tax professional will always keep your financial well being in mind when making decisions about your tax problem. If you were to go to the IRS to try to resolve your problem, the IRS keeps their financial situation in mind before yours. There are many different ways to handle a bank levy and the one that is used can have significantly different ending financial effects. Our tax professionals will make you aware of your options and will ensure you get the best ending financial situation for your unique problem.

  2. The IRS prefers to work with tax professionals. Some people have the misconception that the IRS looks down upon the use of tax professionals because it means they are admitting they did something wrong, this is not the case, especially when dealing with IRS tax levies. If you have have received a levy from the IRS, the IRS already has the belief that you are a difficult taxpayer that does not want to resolve their tax problems. Leading up to the levy the IRS tries to give many options for you to resolve your tax problems and nothing has been done as of yet. When you hire a tax professional this gives a positive sign to the IRS that you actually do want to resolve your tax problem and you are actively working to do so. This fact alone will make he IRS more lenient in pausing the levy to give you more time to resolve your tax problem.

  3. A tax professional knows the inner workings of the IRS and can get results very quickly compared with the average taxpayer. The IRS sometimes does have black holes and they tend to move very slowly when it comes down to important matters. Time is one thing you do not have when dealing with a tax levy. The worst thing about dealing with the IRS is waiting and hoping they respond, especially when your financial assets are on the line. A tax professional knows how to work around these holes and can ensure quick response times on behalf of the IRS.




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Client Testimonials

Clara B .
Chula Vista, CA

I had just had my bank account frozen and couldn't access my funds to pay my rent, food, utilities or anything. Thanks to your help the account was quickly unfrozen and I was back into good standing with the IRS by getting set up with an affordable payment plan.

Paul D .
San Antonio, TX

I wanted to thank you for your service and I am happy to be a testimonial. The free analysis made me realize how valuable your tax reduction services could be and you should offer it to all customers! My bank account levy was stopped and my offer in compromise was accepted. I owed $32,500 to the IRS and only paid $2,500.

Ange M .
Albany, NY

The state was garnishing my bank account for unpaid taxes. I didn't know what to do because I couldn't afford the required payments the IRS wanted and then they started taking funds from my bank account that I couldn't afford to lose. Thanks to your services I was able to keep my money and pay back the IRS in a smaller monthly amount than they originally wanted me to pay.

Michael R .
Douglas, GA

Thanks for your quick turn around with my case. I knew I shouldn't have received a bank levy, I was currently going through bankruptcy and I couldn't afford to have the IRS take my money. I talked with your tax professional and realized that we could appeal the levy and win, and we did.